The Musician cited as one of 2021’s best

Mike’s novel, The Musician, is in great company in the year-end list from BookTrib of “25 Favorites From 2021 That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.”

The list was created by BookTrib to spotlight notable books from independent publishers. 

“One of the many gifts of BookTrib is the ability to discover and share with you some marvelous works you may not otherwise ever hear about. The list of 25 books we have compiled here represents some of the best we’ve reviewed over the course of the last year (out of hundreds).”

About The Musician, the editors had this to say: “The Musician takes us on the road to glamorous Atlanta hotels and Florida’s poolside bars. But it’s the Fontenot shotgun residence on the sticky streets of New Orleans and the family members who live (and cook) there that become Tom’s home away from home — or more accurately, his home away from the road. Out-of-work musicians are a charming bunch, and the love of music is a tie that binds. Fiercely.”

To read more about The Musician and 24 other worthy books from 2021, be sure to read the full article.

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