The Musician: a “story of determination and grit”

The reviews are coming in for The Musician, including a rave from Sherri Daley at BookTrib. Here’s a preview:

The Musician takes us to the sticky streets of New Orleans, into glamorous Atlanta hotels and Florida’s poolside bars, but also into the arms of the most lovable bunch of enablers ever described. Tom Cliffe is blessed to have found a friend indeed who opens his home to him. The Fontenot shotgun residence in New Orleans and the family members who live (and cook) there become Tom’s home away from home — or more accurately, his home away from the hotels and cheap apartments where he stays when he’s on the road. Out-of-work musicians are a charming bunch, and the love of music is a tie that binds. Fiercely. 

Mr. Shaw dedicates his book to the “hundreds of thousands who strum, blow, beat, pluck, or sing impressively enough to make a living making music.” Nothing could be more honest.

To read the full review, follow this link to Sherri Daley’s review of The Musician by Mike Shaw.

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